Cambio, our recommendation for World Book Day


23 April, Book Day. This year, Media Polinomi recommendation to date as indicated a priori may seem somewhat strange… It is a work that was published almost 40 years old!

Cambio, Paul Watzlawick (1976), surprise by the sheer force of his ideas. The author presents all change as something inherent in human life and, and distinguishes between two basic types:

Change type 1

  • at this rate continued evolution is observed
  • the system in which the change occurs remains, changes in
  • criminalization of error is possible
  • increases production efficiency, thereby also lowering costs
  • technological knowledge are very important
  • known precedents (experience) help us to improve
  • seek perfectionism

A good example of type change 1 is the evolution of the automotive industry, in which car models have included important innovations but the manufacturing system remains the same as in the past decades.

Change type 2

  • is a qualitative change, changes as the system itself
  • new rules are set
  • innovation and creativity are priorities
  • the absence of known precedents, trust is key

It's the kind of change that have experienced communication industries with digital convergence caused by the emergence of the Internet and social media.

Any change of type 2 raises a need for adaptation in very little time and requires great effort, so the first reactions are causing fear and rejection.

How to deal with these changes and adapt as smoothly as possible? Cambio gives us some clues to achieve. A highly recommended book.

2 Comments to “Cambio, our recommendation for World Book Day”

  1. Monica says:

    Well have to keep an eye on book! Some people are afraid of change, but did not realize how fun they are. I'm hooked!! :D

    • Marta Martinez says:

      Maybe those people you mention, Monica, misses the opportunity that lies behind each change. Sure you love the book!

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