The Polinomi Blog, awarded by the Liebster Award

Liebster AwardA virtual award given to blogs that start, that have less than 200 followers, in order to promote their dissemination. The Liebster Awards have the particularity that are granted by bloggers, namely, by colleagues. Recognition, in this sense, has an inestimable value to us.

We thank, primarily, a Amaia Larrea (@ Amaialarrea), Social Media Manager, graphic designer and blogger. Amaia has nominated blog de polynomials Media Liebster Awards for.

The prize consists of mechanical:

1. The blogger who receives the Liebster Award must answer 11 raises questions that the person who has nominated.

2. This blogger must turn nominate other 11 blogs and pose other 11 must answer questions.

3. New blogs nominees must answer 11 questions that have been formulated and choose their own nominees… And repeating chain.

This is an initiative that serves us well, not only to let us know, but also to discover new content.

These are 11 questions that were posed to Polinomi Media, with our 11 answers:

1. Why did you decide to have a blog and when you started?

It was not a decision I take. I started working on Polinomi Media as Content Manager and, of course, maintenance and management of corporate blog were part of the responsibilities assumed.

2. What brings you to blog?

The opportunity to write about topics that really interest me and do it regularly. And, above all, the ability to reach all kinds of people and the great advantage of getting immediate feedback on their part.

3. Where does the inspiration to write?

In talk about ICT, online strategy, social networking… Inspiration often comes from their own experiences, of the information we collect through numerous sources of information and, especially, to be always aware of any that we can suggest a topic.

4. Who is the person you would like to enter into the world of bloggers?

We have some friends and fellow journalists, community managers, entrepreneurs, about to take the plunge. When making the decision, We are happy to follow and support!

5. How do you plan for your blog content?

I make a monthly schedule of the topics that I want to try and attempt to have the material prepared well in advance. Anyway, We excel current issues (new that comes on the market, a significant event, Social Media News…), that occasionally more timeless displace.

6. ¿WordPress o Blogger? Why?

WordPress. Because it offers many options that allow you to customize your blog: topics, plugins, widgets… And because it is in constant development, very important for us bloggers.

7. What is your favorite social network and why?

In the best work we are Twitter and LinkedIn. But we also love Facebook, Google , Pinterest… We are dedicated to Social Media and work with all social networks, depending on the needs of each customer.

8. Do you have a post that you like to write and for some reason can not? ¡Confiésalo!

Perhaps one outside the professional. That should have a personal blog, clear. A project to study…

9. Do you respond to comments left on your blog?

Always! A comment amounts to a recognition of your work. Which unless, least, thank.

10. ¿PC o Mac?

I worked many years now I have a Mac and PC. Now I've tried both, I can say knowingly: Mac, clearly.

11. How off-line moments you love to do?

Read, write (yes, off-line, the notebook), enjoy family and friends, going to the beach, do yoga…

Now, the 11 Media blogs Polinomi nominees. Some, like ours, on Social Media and Marketing, others simply because yes, because we love to read, and even a few newly discovered:

1. Amaia, Happy Smile, de @ amaialarrea

2. Connecting Brains, of @ connectingbrain

3. Nearly, of @ yvettemoya

4. The Lleida Lluís Blog, of @ lluislleida

5. Social Media JRequejo, of @ JRequejo

6. I invite you to talk a little, by @ JoelPintoRomero

7. Social Reyes, of @ MReyesRamon

8. La mirada geek, de @ PilarPerezBaz

9. Marketingneando, of @ Nuria_Parrondo

10. Snowball Studio, de @ Snowballstd

11. And, course, our partner blog Eduard Ramos, Polinomi managing partner of Media. From @ eduardramoss

We could keep adding to the list interesting blogs. Those who believe follow with interest and highly recommended are some more. But 11 is the number set by the Liebster Awards, so we stayed here.

Now it is our 11 nominees answer 11 questions, we raised them to us, and nominate their 11 Favorites. Congratulations on your Liebster Award!

6 Comments to “The Polinomi Blog, awarded by the Liebster Award”

  1. Muchíiiisimas gracias por vuestra nominación.

    Que venga de unos compañeros tan especializados como vosotros, siempre es un honor y un halago

    De nuevo, thanks.



    • Polynomials says:

      Gracias a ti, Nuria, por ofrecernos siempre contenidos de calidad. ¡Enhorabuena!

  2. Joel Pinto says:

    Un millón de gracias por esta nominación. Estoy realmente encantado de que, entre todos, estemos ayudando a crear corrientes de opinión frescas, nuevas, que nos puedan ayudar a crear un entorno económico más positivo y motivante para todos.

    Les deseo lo mejor del mundo y que sigan cosechando muchos éxitos con su blog y con el contenido que desarrollan.

    • Polynomials says:

      Nuestros mejores deseos para ti también, Joel. ¡Es una nominación muy merecida!

  3. Reyes Ramon says:

    Thank you very much, me habeis dado un empujón muy especial para mi, os lo agradezco de corazón. Estos premios son un estupendo escaparate de buenísimos blogueros que día a día comparten su saber.
    Gracias por incluirme y felicidades por vuestro blog, es buenísimo !!

    • Polynomials says:

      ¡Social Reyes no podía faltar entre nuestros nominados! Gracias a ti por tu blog, es todo un regalo.

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