Escape velocity for a change

Google's authomatic translation. Originally published in Eduard Ramos Blog.

For any object is released from the gravitational pull of the Earth and continue their journey to space, should be released at a rate of 11,2 Km/s o 40.320 km/h.

If this initial velocity is fulfilled, the mass of the object and even the direction in which they are not decisive throws to escape Earth's gravity. I ask you now to help my friend Mariano, a physicist and artillery made the mili. For now I keep unqualified because it is useful for what I want to communicate in this post, and after all it is a metaphor for no other purpose than to provide a motivational perspective.

For a person or company achieving a permanent change, sustainable, must have a momentum that overcomes the resistance of the backlash, he would inevitably return to the starting point or comfort zone known. This impulse, in physics is measured as escape velocity, in personal and / or professional level can not be quantified accurately, but intuit… In my experience of over 20 years as a manager and 4 executive coach is easy to observe, or rather I notice, in the attitude and energy of each person.

velocidad escape

Lo in physics are kilometers per second, can be translated into love, faith, passion, tenacity, emotion, delusion, ambition, commitment… I also noticed that the fuel of the people consists of values, not knowledge. The former are a sufficient condition, the latter a necessary condition, if we use the language of mathematical logic.

My job as coach is to accompany the client in locating the fuel to achieve a sustainable rate of escape to change their personal or professional project. And I say location, because the challenge is almost always change something that already exists, unlike knowledge, that is acquired or you can even buy- inside who faces the challenge of change.

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